Who I am


I provide tailored solutions, intuitive software, intelligent algorithms and trustworthy support for machine manufacturers and vision system developers.

High-quality systems endure, and I work to create the type of solutions that I can remain proud of.


I hold a Master of Science in Electronic engineering and have been working in building machine vision systems for over 15 years.

I have developed vision systems for various industrial sectors, including:

  • automotive

  • food
  • glass
  • manufacturing
  • logistics
  • pharmaceuticals and
  • wood industries.

Thanks to the high potential for calculation and analysis of machine vision, I have created vision systems that perform different types of inspections. Here are some examples:

  • Defect detection
  • Assembly verification
  • Dimension measurement
  • Bar Code & Data Code reading
  • Text reading (OCR)
  • Identification (object recognition and localization)
  • 3D inspection

In most projects, I have created the image processing algorithm using MVTec HALCON. This is my preferred vision library because it is powerful and device-independent.

I also have experience with COGNEX VisionPro and OpenCV.

To develop the desktop application, I used programming languages such as C# or VB.Net.

Why Me

Customer: WoodBlocX Ltd
Work: Development of a system that controls the correct selection of the pieces picked up by the operator.
Review: Brilliant

Customer: Unity Semiconductor SAS
Work: Debugging and improvement of an algorithm used for semiconductor analysis.
Review: Andrea did an excellent job on this project with MVTec Halcon. He quickly captured and understood the whole complexity of the project. He solved bugs and developed a better performing code. He regularly gave feedback and communicated in a clear and precise manner. In the end the job was completed successfully. Highly recommend.

The review of my work is on Upwork.